krishnablue 2nd album

“Number Nine”

Number Nine

2019.3.27 ON SALE!!


[DISC 1 : CD]
01.prologue 02.Number Nine 03.secret shadows 04.Garnet 05.番い鳥 06.diavel 07.old dark chair 08.砂上の城
[DISC 2 : DVD]
01.Number Nine[MV] 02.spider[MV] the veil[MV] 04.One Hundred Years[LIVE](feat.Hirofumi[Eins:Vier,WIPE])

CDにはISSAY(Der Zibet)がコーラスでゲスト参加!

krishnablue 1st album

“World's End”

World's End

2018.2.28 ON SALE!!

01.silencio parque 02.night song 03.escape 04.N.E.G.A 05.Maria
06.spider 07.nothing 08.蜉蝣 09.In the veil 10.World's End